The Madison Department hosts all sports physical day. If you have an athlete or are planning on participating in a sport Madison High School next year, you need to have a completed file with the A.D.

School athletic teams provide enjoyable, supervised activities for youth. Student athletes report
healthier eating habits, higher levels of cardiovascular fitness, increased parental support, and decreased
anxiety and depression.

As a result, by the time these kids graduate from high school, they will have spent more time plugged
into the computer than they will have spent sitting in a classroom. Kids who watch television like this
might pick up dangerous messages concerning violence, and they might also begin to internalize the
culture’s messages concerning body image, class and worth. In general, it’s a toxic mix for teens, and
most parents work hard to keep their kids interested in other activities.

Several of Madison teams are still operating under a third party website. That website will be maintained
as the official site for their program. Their site will still be maintained and updated with news, rosters,
photos and more so check that out below throughout the course of the season.


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The facilities and teachers are just great. I’m so excited to use them all. It’s like the dream school I ever wanted.

Daniel Smith
Madison Student

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Jul 15,2016
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